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The firm was born to offer small and medium-sized companies usually facing a number of different civil, administrative, fiscal, legal and financial issues, precise answers in order to find competitive company solutions by taking into account actual regulatory/financial systems they must deal with.

Lawyers, Business Consultants, Administrative Advisors, Market Advisors, Managers and Financial Advisors have come together to create a single entity, based in a single place in order to deal with a number of different company issues and find direct and effective solutions at fixed prices.

The commitment to comply with the “Basel2” regulations and later with the “Basel3” ones regarding the capitalization of companies, the application of the bank rating, the European regulations for the reporting of balances, the new fiscal regulations in compliance with the European Community has produced a true revolution among companies whose effects have been underestimated by entrepreneurs who must nowadays tackle with new regulations they can sometimes hardly understand.

We aim at supporting the companies by visiting them from time to time (usually every two months), checking their assets, reporting their results, keeping in touch with banks and following their evolution together with their clients’ development. Everything will be studied and analyzed in order to provide companies with what they need to develop in a safe way in a field that has become aggressive and just available to understand financial dynamics from the cold point of view of numbers.

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