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We provide advisory services either in the extra-court field or to small/ medium-sized companies and private citizens. The main issues are concerned with: .

  • Corporate Law
  • Civil Law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Labor law

Corporate Law

  • Legal advice in the corporate field
  • Legal and extra-court help in the corporate field

Civil Law

  • Contracts (advisory services, document writing and legal actions concerned with the Contracts);
  • Tenders among private Parties;
  • Renting (writing of renting Contracts either for housing or trade,
    evictions, injunctions upon renting expiry);
  • Damage refunds (within the agreement and extra-agreement);
  • Block of flats (resolutions contesting, manager of flats’ appointing and so on)
  • Debt collection (injunction administrative orders, legal actions and distraits);
  • Defense against the debt collection (injunctions against the orders to pay and
    against the execution of ex art. 615 and against the executive actions 617 c.p.c.);
  • Leasing (debt collection, insurance and so on)
  • Inheritance (matters concerned with inherited estates, appeals aimed at the assigning of the remaining inheritance);
  • Damage refunds concerned with the c.c.r., either legal or extra-court proceedings

Bankruptcy law

  • help provided to creditors (preparation of documents concerned with bankruptcy declarations and analysis of liabilities)
  • legal defense of debtors concerned with bankruptcy proceedings

Labor law

  • single dismissals
  • disciplinary sanctions
  • settlement at the D.T.L. (Territorial Labor Direction) and Trade Unions offices (writing of settlement minutes)
  • legal actions concerning accidents at work
  • mobbing
  • reduction of duties

Legal advice

It is provided by the legal professional who’s always present at the Firm in order to better rationalize the solutions according to the different company’s problems.

Searching for financing sources

The searching for the best financing source to face new business investments, although being related either to the ordinary credit systems or the facilitated ones, is one of the main entrepreneurs’ priorities; our experts will be able to chose the most suitable financing system by personally carrying out all the needed paperwork requested by official Bodies.

Company certifications

We can provide the best technical and administrative tools in order to get the needed company certifications by means of a number of networks that cooperate with us.

Company reorganization

Designing and implementing projects for the company reorganization, analysing the assets and the management, keeping in touch with financial creditors, analysing the economic and financial imbalances and finding possible solutions to that. Preparing suitable written conventions with creditors aiming at the re-launching of the company.

Transaction advisory service

Support to the company’s reorganisation operations, acquisitions, companies’ or braches’ transfer, joint-ventures, implementing of financial plans and models for the evaluation of the investments, merging and/or integration, writing "information memorandums", legal and fiscal due diligence, writing "business plans" and "vendor due diligence reports".

Litigation & advisory services

Companies may face complex issues that imply disputes with employees, customers or suppliers (debt collection), Credit Institutions. We offer our clients a team of skilled professionals who can face these issues in a direct and effective way by focusing on the reference party in order to find a solution for the problems that may arise.

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