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Safety at Work

The Firm provides advisory services for the tasks being requested by the Legislative Decree n° 81/2008 (well known as the Unique Document about safety at work).

The Firm, with the support of its skilled professionals such as the engineers, the food specialists, the architects, the doctors and so on can prepare all needed papers to start all training courses regarding safety issues that are offered either by our facilities or the employers.


  • Document for the evaluation of risks
  • Document for the evaluation of stress related jobs
  • Evaluation of noise related risks
  • Evaluation of vibration related risks
  • Evaluation of chemical risks
  • Evaluation of biological risks
  • DUVRI document
  • Operative plans regarding safety in the construction sites (POS)
  • PIMUS document
  • Fire prevention certificates
  • Emergency/Evacuation plans
  • HACCP document
  • External RSPP duties


  • R.S.P.P course
  • Fire prevention course
  • First Aid course
  • RLS course
  • Information/Training for workers
  • Courses for the executives
  • Loads handling course
  • Course for video terminals operators
  • Course for dolly operators
  • Course about noise risks
  • Course about chemical risks
  • HACCP course /food specialists

Occupational medicine

  • Appointing the qualified doctor
  • Preventive examinations
  • Periodical and specialist examinations
  • Instrumental investigations
  • Blood tests


  • Wastes managing (including SISTRI)
  • Analysis of wastewater
  • Environmental analysis
  • Analysis of emissions to atmosphere
  • Asbestos
  • Emission trading
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